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For women who suffer from

painful intercourse or penetration

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Hear from women who experience vaginismus

Hear from women
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My Approach 

The Triangle of Care: Mental Health, Medicine, and Physical Therapy represents the structure of the three equal components of comprehensive patient care.

This foundation of collaboration demonstrates the key elements of professionalism, progressiveness, and personalized medical care when treating vaginismus.

My holistic, collaborative approach is between a mental health provider, a physician, and a physical therapist to meet the bio-psycho-social needs of the patient. Utilizing a partnership of collective wisdom ensures that patients have multiple avenues of support. This approach has reached and supported women of different religions, cultures, and identities. 

After hearing these stories, it is clear that no individual professional can address all the pain alone.

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You were able to fix my sex life in six months whereas other professionals never were able to figure it out.


I am forever grateful.

Cisgender female patient,

Age 39


Patients' Stories

Learn about what vaginismus is and how it impacts those who experience it.


Collaborative Approach

To learn about my innovative professional partnership to minimize the effects of vaginismus.


Finding Helpers

When you are ready to find professionals who are trained to help you recover from vaginismus.

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