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Medicine (OB/GYN)

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Medical (OB/GYN) care is often the gateway to an initial diagnosis of vaginismus. Trained physicians who understand and can recognize the classic symptoms and refer them to proper providers is essential for a faster supportive treatment protocol. 

Cisgender female patient,

Age 31

“I was told to relax, It hurts, how can I relax"

Cisgender female patient,

Age 27

“It felt like there was a wall there that we couldn’t get past” 

Cisgender female patient, 

Age 26

"I was told to use lube, it didn’t work, now what"

How a OB/GYN 
Defines Vaginismus?

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Hear from
our expert

Dr. Angela Stoehr shares her experience with patients in her practice.

This infographic is titled, “Common backgrounds of patients with vaginismus.” This is a light pink with darker pink hues swirling in the background. The title letters are in a darker pink/red hue. It is numbered 1-4 in rectangular boxes below. #1 reads conservative religious background, #2 reads limited exposure to accurate sex education, #3 reads unfamiliar with their body, #4 reads lack of health education
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This infographic is titled “4 Reasons physicians struggle with vaginismus patients” This is a yellow background with a circular shape in the center. In the center, the title reads 4 Reasons physicians struggle with vaginismus patients. The top left side in grey-blue color reads lack of education, the top right side in pink reads minimal exposure, the bottom left side in yellow reads no solutions, and the bottom right side in light blue reads need support.
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The doctors need more access to
education & training.

Dr. Angela Stoehr discusses what changes are needed in medicine.

A big reason 
patients can't find the right
care on the 1st
Hear from
our expert 

How to find the best doctor for you

Hear from
the expert

Dr. Angela Stoehr shares tips on how to find the right care for you.

a social media graphic titled 3 common ways patients find providers to treat vaginismus, vaginismus treatment, sex therapy new jersey
This is an infographic that is titled, “Common ways patients find providers to treat vaginismus” This is a grey background Below is labeled #1, which reads word of mouth from other patients, #2 The internet, and #3 provider referrals. On the bottom left side is the website logo, which is a pink triangle which reads Triangle of Care. On each side of the triangle, there is writing. The left side reads professional, the right side reads progressive, and the bottom reads personal.
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